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I was born in Granada, Spain in 1975. I started studying music at 14 years old and at 21 became lead guitarist, after playing with several bands my interest for music creation lead me to the soundtrack composition, specially music synchronized with the image, studying by myself music production and widen my works to almost any musical style I needed to work with. (

I continued my career in the videogame industry world where I got some awards for my jobs. Music production is a very complex way of sound arrangement and music recording microphonic techniques are quite complicated so I could easily develop excellent sound design skills for audio recording or post production applied into audiovisual products being able to accomplish the full sound production of any project by myself. (

I started creating then my own projects, some games designs and specially writings ( I jumped to cinema creation with the short film “El Libro”(The book) which grew to half film (and long story on the way) and lead me to become director.(

I stayed several years developing other non-artistic skills: especially languages, English and Japanese, some adventure traveling and martial arts… I went to live in London and since 2014, Tokyo.

In 2017, after finishing my Japanese studies I retake my artistic career as video creator(, from the music to the full edition, adding camera and photography skills to the package. (

In brief: I’m extremely creative and I love learning so with the years I have developed a massive portfolio in many fields and the biggest is to come I believe.